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Ilustra de um fogo vermelho, rosa e verde texturizado no estilo pincel.


Logo De Ponta Hemp Shop redondo.

De Ponta is the first Hemp Shop in Belo Horizonte dedicated to cannabis culture in all its dimensions.

A new concept of a head shop focused on providing products derived from cannabis and its active principles, bringing innovative discoveries about this world, all combined with a huge desire to change the reality of the debate in Brazil.

Founded by professionals who stand out in their fields, De Ponta is here to break paradigms, demystify prejudices, and strengthen the dialogue about the countless benefits of cannabis.

The fact is that the marijuana market is already expanding. In a global context, some countries are already consolidating this new reality and enjoying the benefits of legalization. Brazil, on the other hand, is in a premature stage, and we are here to be part of this revolution.

Vegetação tropical colorido rosa e verde.

The mission of De Ponta Hemp Shop is to showcase to the public all the incredible facets of this plant and the economic and social potential that revolves around cannabis. We seek to break paradigms about this market that is revolutionizing the industry as a whole, bringing information and awareness about the sustainable benefits of this little plant.

The cannabis revolution is here to stay, and it's not slowing down! Every day, we see more and more people engaged and openly talking about marijuana. And that's where De Ponta comes in.

The next steps can only be achieved through society's awareness of this reality, so they can join us in changing it. More than that, we want to make people believe that yes, it's possible to change the reality we live in and enter this new era, where we'll be free from prohibition and our healing will be possible too.

Folhas e flores da cannabis pretas, com um bud dichavado roxo e um circulo preenchido amarelo com uma pincelada de vermeloh em cima.


De Ponta Hemp Shop is for those who seek relaxation and entertainment through cannabis but don't identify with the stereotypes imposed by society. We offer high-quality products with designs that reflect their personality and relationship with marijuana.

We're here for those who are aware of the social and public health issues that prohibition represents and choose to dress for the cause by using symbols that show support for legalization. We work to empower people in this new market, including entrepreneurs who see cannabis as a purpose and an opportunity for income.

We aim to strengthen the dialogue with those who still have prejudice against our beloved little plant, and of course, to connect with those who are already fighting for the cause.

Fogo em traços vermelhos com faíscas roxas.




Did you like it? Are you interested in becoming our partner? We have space for brands and artists looking for a cool place. Come visit us or send us a message on our Instagram!

De Ponta Hemp Shop

Stop Gallery

Av. Prudente de Morais, 1330, Lj 14
Coração de Jesus - Belo Horizonte/MG
Zip Code: 30380-252

Stop Gallery Parking
12 Santa Madalena Sofia Street

Free for customers for up to 1 hour of stay

Parking hours: 11:00 to 19:00

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